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Route 1

Fresh lobster served daily!



Seafood Fried Rice Lo Mien

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Green Tea

rice / noodles / pasta menu

Fried Rice with choice of chicken, beef, pork or vegetable


Yan Chow Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage (white)


Seafood Fried Rice (White)


House Special Fried Rice (Brown or White)


Shrimp, Pork and Chicken

Lobster Fried Rice (White)

Market Price

Steamed Rice (per bowl)

Small / Large

$2.00 / $3.00

Lo Mein with choice of(chicken, beef, pork or vegetable)

$8.00 (shrimp) $9.00

House Special Lo Mein


With roast pork, chicken and shrimp with bean sprouts, onions, mushrooms and bamboo shoots

Angel Hair


Garlic Noodle


Pad Thai


This Singapore favorite is made with pork, chicken and shrimp with bell peppers, onions, bean sprouts and curry powder

Rice pasta stir fried with chicken, shrimp, bean sprout & scallions (contains egg)

Hot & Spicy


Vegetable Pad Thai


Lightly fried tofu, snow peas, and carrots with our rice pasta stir fried with onions, bean sprouts and scallions



Noodle / Pasta

Fried Rice House Special Lo Mein

With chicken, shrimp and Chinese sausage

Fried Rice with Shrimp


Egg noodle stir fried with garlic and scallion